Recover the data you thought were irreversiby gone

There is no long time computer user that hadn't experienced a devastating data loss after a hard disk crash, electricity cut off, virus, or software problems. There is no company that didn't deal with data loss at some point. We all read about necessity of regular backups and multiple copies of work data but when OS fails and our data on hard disk is lost those advices doesn't help much. The only way to save a data in this situation is to use specialized software for disk data recovery, and such software usualy comes with a high price tag. Not anymore. Hard Disk Recovery is robust, free Windows application for recovery of deleted, formatted or inaccessible, lost data.

Recover back documents you thought were gone, pictures, videos and personal data. You can use Hard Disk Recovery on any disk with FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5 file system. Hard Disk Recovery is enabled as a stand alone, portable version. That means you can start it from USB drive when needed - no installation and dependant files.

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Hard Disk Recovery is software sollution for data recovery which is lost because of deletion, disk format, emptying recycle bin, operating system failure, application error, driver/service or other errors on a system software level or any other kind of application, system or boot up error that caused previously readible data to becaume lost, deleted, or unaccesible. Hard Disk Recovery is not meant to be used in the case of serious hard disk mechanical error. In the case of mechanical disk failure, or suspiction to one please disconnect the faulty disk and send it to a proffesional disk recovery service.



Securely recovers hard disk data - An advanced algorithm that will make the most of the possible disk data recovery.

Fast quick scanning - It will scan the hard disk and give you full structure of found files and folders to pick up for recovery.

Selectable files and folders - Allows users to manually pick large number of files in different folders on hard disk for collected recovery of lost data at once.


Filtering - Use filter to quickly find desired lost files. Supports wildcards.

Preview Area - Real time preview of the files to be recovered without saving them to hard disk.

Easy to use - Choose disk, scan it, select files, recover selected files, all in a familiar windows explorer type of interface.

Hard Disk Recovery is clean software - No spywere, adware or nasty advertisments.



To Download Hard Disk Recovery please visit our download page.




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